About Us

ELO Consulting was established in 2012 with the objective of “bringing about positive change and making a significant impact in the owner managed business community, locally, provincially and nationally, with the intention of heading across the borders of South Africa into the continent of Africa.”

Due to the excessive costs associated with having an in house finance, IT, marketing and HR departments, we offer a wide range of support services within the finance function and work with trusted business associates within other respective business functions, thus allowing the business owner to focus on his core business and allowing us, his or her business partner to assist in building a sustainable business for the future.

Our Owner

Mario Redlinghys- Professional Accountant (SA) is a qualified accountant, who brings about  a great wealth of experience (both international and local) from various industries during his 7 year period of employment with Price Waterhouse Coopers (“PwC”)- USA and South Africa. Mario has also worked in Commerce for 3 years for a large company in the petroleum industry as its group financial manager, responsible for the development and successful implementation of strategy of the respective company. Mario is an accountant with a difference,  he is passionate about adding value to an organisation by assisting the organisation solidify its sustainability by looking at its current and future position, whilst  taking into consideration the historical trends of the organisation and the industry in which it operates within.

Our Philosophy



Partnering with the respective client in taking their business to the next level;



Assisting business’ in being accountable to the local regulatory authorities and society in general by building a sustainable business;



Assisting business’ to operate in a professional environment; and



Consistently viewing business’ for opportunities of continuous improvement.

ELO Consulting is proud to be a level 3 B-BBEE contributor

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